What People Say

What people say about David’s classes:

It is like a miracle! (Since your workshop), I am much happier in life. I lost a lot of fear and I feel power and confidence I never felt before. After 45 years, I don’t bite my nails!! Before, when people asked me, ‘how is life’, my answer was: ‘not bad, but there is something that doesn’t let me feel really fine’. Now, I have no more reason to feel unhappy. …(I want) to share with you my new joy in living.
Student, Switzerland

After 20 years of struggling with Bulimia, food is no longer an issue. It has been one year since your class and I have not binged. Thank you!
Massage Therapist, Germany

After 25 years of studying clinical psychology, family therapy, bio-energetic analysis, couples therapy, group therapy, Buddhism and Watsu …I feel I have come home at last! Our group, too, has been a special one for me. Something very different from other groups I have been a part of. Thank you so much for everything.
Ruth Ben Asher, Psychologist, Israel

This workshop was Awesome!!! The material presented was Outstanding!!! There are absolutely no words to convey how terrific, charismatic, dynamic and fantastic David is. He is a powerful role model for every therapist. I feel so privileged to have attended this workshop. Thank you so much!!!
Student, U.S.A.

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